Looking Out For The Positives In Your Property

My husband is notorious for looking at vacation opportunities. Destination, amenities and cost. But equally important is access – from how far it is to the beach to restaurants. Will we need a car or can we walk? What does the property look like and how far is it from the action? Is the location hidden away or is there a view?

The fact is that vacation rentals and the Short-Term Rental industry is changing and so is how you promote your property. Where once it was simply a room and cost was the primary factor. Today, we are watching the industry become more sophisticated and how your property presents itself and is being promoted is becoming more and more important.
Here are some tips when you want to elevate your clients search and draw them to your property:
• Color makes a difference and using calming colors will translate well. Using muted or light colors of blue, seafoam green or creams are a great way to begin with a calming palette. Accent your room with pillows and pictures on the wall. This is a great and easy way to add personality and change with the seasons.
• Registration – Think about how you travel and what you look for when you check into a hotel. Provide a roadmap of their surroundings. Restaurants, beach, walkable parks, the closest pet park. Make them feel at home.
• Next Level – Spas, where and how to get food delivered, laundry, access to kitchen or make sure there is a small refrigerator in the room to put cold drinks or light snacks.
• Services – Now there are services where your guests can order food that will be there when they arrive. They click on a link, place their shopping order and the order is delivered before they arrive. Make it easy for them.
• Short trips – Some guests like to stay close to their immediate surroundings but others like to explore. Contact some of the local tour companies and ask them to give your guests a discount if you refer someone to them.
The result of adding these little tips is that the experience with you will do two important things.
1. They will appreciate all the information you provided.
2. They will refer others to you and your initial efforts to personalize your rental will keep them coming back.
3. If you have a suggestion that has been working for you let us know, we would love to share it with our members.

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